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Religious Education

At St. Gerard’s we educate our children in the Catholic Faith so that they come to know, worship and love God in everyday life experiences.

TO KNOW: the knowledge and understanding of the key practices and beliefs of Christian communities, both past and present.

WORSHIP: the knowledge and reasoning that enables students to respond to the Catholic tradition and God’s call.

LOVE: the nurturing of the spiritual life, the importance of belonging to the faith community and engagement in community service.

At St. Gerard’s we believe this is experienced personally and communally through:

  • ChoirMaking sense of everyday experiences in the broader context of mystery, complexity, confusion and awe.
  • Gaining access to and understanding the scriptures, and the traditions of the Catholic community; its stories, its experiences and its teachings.
  • Celebrating with others the mystery and the life of the Risen Christ.
  • Responding to the activity of God in their lives and in the whole of creation.
  • (Coming to Know, Worship and Love, A Religious Education Framework for Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne, p.15).