School Expectations

St Gerard’s Primary School Expectations


Be …



                                    Your Best


                                                            Spirit Filled

These expectations are designed to help create a climate of being your best, respectful, cooperative, positive and spirit filled at St Gerard’s. All behaviour expectations will be taught in the context of these expectations. The power of this process is the continuity of the expectations and the common language used by all staff. All students will hear the same expectations from all adults.


The expectations are based on seven guiding principles. We believe these principles will help create an optimal learning environment for the students. The guiding principles are:


  • Clear expectations for student behaviour.
  • Clear and consistent strategies for teaching appropriate behaviour.
  • Clear and consistent strategies for encouraging appropriate behaviour.
  • Clear and consistent consequences that discourage inappropriate behaviour.
  • A support system and individual behavioural programs for students with unique or exceptional needs.
  • Clearly designed methods for evaluating and revising the Expectations.
  • Clear plans and strategies for communicating the characteristics and philosophy of the behaviour plan to students and parents.


By helping our students to become familiar with the expectations we will establish a positive learning climate, promote a sense of community and keep our students safe.