Remote Learning

TERM 2, 2020


Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic all Victorian schools moved to Remote Learning from the start of Term 2 (14 April) until 26 May (Prep, Year One and Year Two) or June 9 (Years Three, Four, Five and Six). This required learning tasks and communication between school, families and students to be online and through telephone calls. We supported our families to continue the learning of their children by loaning Chromebooks and iPads so that tasks could be accessed as well as providing other essential items such as Library books, Take Home readers and school stationery.


Learning Tasks were sent out via the online platform Seesaw. Newsletters and other correspondence were sent out via Seesaw and email. Phone calls were also made by school staff to families. Monday morning Meditation and Friday Assemblies were video recorded and sent out via Seesaw with students being encouraged to contribute to these events. Class meetings, learning tasks and specific programs requiring staff support were conducted through Google Meet and Google Classrooom. 


Classroom teachers were available from 9.00am – 3.30pm each day to answer questions, stay connected with students and families, provide feedback on tasks and support the learning of their students. Learning Support Officers (LSO’s) were available from 9.00am – 1.00pm each day to support the learning of students.


Learning tasks were allocated in 3 stages over the course of a week. Tasks for Monday and Tuesday were sent out via Seesaw on Monday at 8.45am and were due on Wednesday at 9.00am. Specialists (Italian, P.E. and Art) weekly activities were sent out on Wednesday at 9.00am. Tasks for Thursday and Friday were sent out on Thursday at 8.45am and were due on Friday by 3.30pm.


While Remote Learning did pose some challenges, there were many positives such as different modes of learning, the need to be creative and innovative, increased computer skills and a real sense of working in partnership with our families.




TERM 3, 2020


Due to a second wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic, schools in Metropolitan Melbourne moved to Remote Learning for all of Term 3 (13 July – 18 September).


Our experience of Remote Learning in Term 2 had our school well placed to continue the education of our students. Based on survey data from families, students and staff collected at the end of Term 2, some minor adjustments were made to our structures and procedures.


Two notable adjustments were that Google Meets were used more regularly and not only for whole class but focus group sessions from Prep – Year 6. The other was the formalisation of Wellbeing Wednesday. This saw Specialist (Italian, P.E. and Art) activities being available and the remainder of the day allowed for students to catch up on work and spend time on other aspects of life with their families. Wellbeing Wednesday helped to strike a balance between school and family life during this second lockdown period.


As with Term 2, the efforts of our families, students and staff working together to support the ongoing learning of our children was inspiring