St. Gerard’s School has been educating children who live in the parish of Dandenong North since 1957.  While wanting to maintain the Catholic ethos of the school, St Gerards is not exclusively for Catholics.  We are welcoming of other faith traditions that will enhance our school community.

Enrolment age is determined by the Department of Education, Employment and Training, ie the child must turn five years of age prior to 30th April in the child’s first year of schooling.

Our enrolment categories are:

  • Families with children currently enrolled at St. Gerard’s School.
  • Children from Catholic families within the Dandenong North parish.
  • Children from Catholic families outside the Dandenong North parish.
  • Families from non-Catholic backgrounds.


For further information please contact the school office on (03) 97917553 or principal@sgdandenongnth.catholic.edu.au