St. Gerard’s School exists primarily for the Baptised Catholic children of parents who live in the parish of Dandenong North. In order to maintain the Catholic ethos of the school, the school works towards gaining the highest possible level of Catholic enrolment. However as a school we aren’t exclusively Catholic in our enrolment considerations and we have a variety of faith traditions making up our school community.

Enrolment age is determined by the Department of Education, Employment and Training, i.e. the child must turn five years of age prior to 30th April in the child’s first year of schooling.

At the initial enrolment stage parents are made aware of their financial and moral obligations to the school and parish, but no child will be excluded from St. Gerard’s School on the basis of their parent’s ability to pay school fees.

The following criteria will be exercised to determine enrolment:
  • Families with children currently enrolled at St. Gerard’s School.
  • Baptised Catholic children from Catholic families within the Dandenong North parish.
  • Baptised Catholic children from Catholic families outside the Dandenong North parish (pastoral grounds after consultation with parish of residence).
  • Greek Orthodox.
  • Families from non-Catholic backgrounds.

  1. Applications for Prep enrolment open in the year prior to entry date.
  2. Applications for placement in other grades are dealt with as the need arises.
  3. Parents are welcome to make an appointment with the Principal to discuss their child’s needs and to tour the school.
  4. Successful Prep applicants are informed, by letter, and asked to accept in writing and are informed of transition and orientation processes.
  5. On enrolment, Birth, Baptismal and Immunisation certificates are checked.
  6. If necessary, transfer forms are checked.
  7. Passport and Entry Visas are checked and copied for children who are newly arrived in Australia.
  8. Appropriate grade placement is made by the Principal