The following Specialist Programmes offered at St Gerard’s include: Physical Education, Italian and Performing Arts.


At St. Gerard’s the Italian program provides opportunity for the students to experience and learn about the Italian culture, traditions, way of life, as well as becoming familiar with the Italian language. The program takes place once a week, for all students from Grade Prep to Grade 6.

Physical Education
At St Gerard’s, students have Physical Education once a week with a specialist teacher as well as an extra lesson with specialist coaches and their classroom teacher. Students learn and practise fundamental motor skills through games and activities. Senior students look at ways to improve fitness through a variety of sporting activities.

At St Gerard’s students have the opportunity to be involved in extra circular activities such as:
  • Athletics Carnival
  • Cross country
  • Gala Days
  • Intensive swimming program
Performing Arts
The music programme at St Gerard’s provides music experiences suited to student levels of development. The programme encourages appreciation of singing, dancing and playing musical instruments. The teaching of music includes students learning to read, write and understand the language of music. They are also welcome to join the St Gerard’s School Choir which is involved in various activities in our wider community. Students also have the option of learning the keyboard with a visiting music teacher during school hours. All St Gerard's students perform in a school production and create art for a Visual Arts Show on alternate years.