Positive Behaviours for Learing

St Gerard’s is a Christ centred community that believes in the Gospel values of faith and love. We endeavour to provide a safe and secure culture through principals based on “love one another as I have loved you”:

Being respectful;

Being cooperative;

Being our best;

Being positive;

Being spirit filled.

We call these our “Give Me Five” principles.


St Gerard’s approach to student behaviour is based on the Positive Behaviours for Learning initiative (PBL). This a three tired whole school model that is evidence based and when linked with effective instructional design and delivery will maximise student engagement.

This includes preventative and responsive approaches that may be effectively implemented with all students in all settings across the school. PBL is designed to educate all children on appropriate social skills and to prevent inappropriate behaviour by teaching and expecting all students to be safe, respectful, responsible learners. This defining, teaching, and supporting of appropriate student behaviour creates a positive school environment for all.