St Gerard’s is the center of a wonderfully multi-cultural community. We are an inclusive catholic school where all families are invited to enrol, whatever their background. Join us in an exciting educational adventure, embrace our catholic identity and are an important part of our community.

Our School ethos should be obvious; it should be palpable as you walk around the school. The things you see, the words you hear and the energy you feel should leave you in no doubt that this is a Catholic School. This ‘energy’ is strong in our school and you are invited to witness it. Observe what we value and how we celebrate. Examine the evidence showing the success of our programs. Talk to parents that are part of our community.

Come and join our wonderful community. Partner with us in developing your child spiritually, emotionally, academically and physically so that they can take their place in our modern world with values, knowledge and skills - to act with wisdom and strength so to be able to belong, contribute and flourish.

For further information or an appointment please ring the school office on 97917553.