At St Gerard’s we are committed to developing the gifts and talents of our students in mathematics. Through the teaching of mathematics, students are equipped with the skills, knowledge, understanding and reasoning in order to use mathematics to solve real life problems. Students are immersed in a rich learning environment that fosters enthusiasm, questioning, inquiry, risk taking and confidence in order that they may use and enjoy mathematics throughout their lives.

At St Gerard’s students:
  • Are engaged in purposeful tasks catering to their needs.
  • Are encouraged to articulate the strategies used to solve problems.
  • Are engaged in a broad and comprehensive curriculum.
  • Have access to the materials and resources that help develop mathematical understanding.
  • Have opportunity to experience success in a challenging and fun environment.  

At St Gerard’s teachers:
  • Use a variety of assessment tools to inform teaching and learning.
  • Use assessment to plan purposeful tasks catering to student needs.
  • Present mathematics in a variety of ways including skills lessons, purposeful games and puzzles, open-ended questions and problem solving.
  • Encourage students to articulate the strategies used to solve tasks.
  • Monitor and record student achievements.
  • Learn about maths along with the students.

At St Gerard’s the curriculum:
  • Is developed into units of work from the Victorian Curriculum.
  • Includes a balance from the areas of number & algebra, measurement & geometry, statistics and probability.
  • Includes teaching from the St Gerard’s Mental Strategies Scope and Sequence.
  • Is a balance of fluency, understanding, problem solving and reasoning.
  • Is centred on student needs.

At St Gerard’s parents:
  • Are invited to assist in maths classes.
  • Are invited to observe maths classes.
  • Are invited to attend Family Maths Nights.
  • Are informed about what their children are learning about in maths.
  • Are encouraged to learn maths with their children.